Financial Planning

Financial Planning Series – #5 Medical Cost – Make a Plan Today

Medical cost is # 5 in a family’s budget.  These include Insurance, HSA (Health Savings Account), Doctor co-pays, Prescriptions, Laboratory testing, X-ray, Travel time. Make a Plan.  One of the biggest mistakes that families can make is to work backwards to meet their medical needs.  We have families who need medical care and we take […]

Financial Planning Series – Introduction

Our goal at GLB Financial Group is to help our families become financially successful.  As part of this goal, we have put together a weekly series, “Financial Planning Series” to provide information that help our families become successful. Typical monthly expenses can be broken down into several basic categories for budgeting. 1. Home Expenses – Home […]

It’s Your Money. Get it Back NOW!

According to Credit Karma, over $40 BILLION of unclaimed property is currently being held by state governments. That’s a staggering amount of money — enough to buy half of the National Football League franchises. Not included in that figure is property sitting with federal agencies and other organizations. So what exactly is unclaimed property and […]